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How Patrick Neri Selections works

We are a direct source for the wines of Mexico.

​Patrick Neri Selections works in concert with Beso Imports to be a direct source of the wines you find on our site. Beso imports only imports wines they have tasted extensively themselves during many trips to the source in Mexico. Wines don’t make it into their portfolio until Beso has established a good relationship with the grower, gained an understanding of their farming practices, their soils, their wine making philosophies, and tasted through as many vintages of their wines as possible. This is a process that often takes years of travel and tasting in situ, but the result is a collection of wines that they can stand by 100%. The wines that appear on this site represent the final selections out of hundreds they've tasted. 

To learn more about Beso Imports click HERE

​We take all of the steps to assure the wine tastes the same from our store as it would in Mexico.

​Working closely with Beso Imports, Patrick Neri Selections covers the last step in the journey the wine makes from Mexico to your front door. Beso insists on temperature and humidity controlled storage until it arrives at our store, and we extend this commitment until the wine ships from us. To assure the wine spends the minimal time on the road to you, we ship only when the wine will arrive at your location within the same week. In short, we do everything we can to respect the wines and honor the families behind them by handling them with caution. The result is that the wines perform up here the same as they do in Mexico. The sense of place in these wines is preserved in every bottle. The secret recipe – 55° F (12°C) 70% humidity, and no UV light. 

We are committed - from start to finish. 

We are equally committed to our customers as we are to our producers. If you have a question regarding any of the wines we carry, or need some advice on how best to showcase them, don’t hesitate to contact us through the site at any time. Since our relationship with the source is direct, there is no dilution of concept, and we pride ourselves in conveying this spirit as accurately as possible. 



314 610 4210 

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