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2022 Tempranillo Merlot -  Barrigon

The Barrigon Estate –

- One of the few estates in the state of Queretaro that are making natural wine from organically farmed vineyards.

- While the winery was not officially formed until 2020, the estate was planted in 2000 by the Niembro family. Today the winery is completely organically farmed and all of the wines they make are 100% natural.

 - They get all of the fruit for their wines form their estate and the estate of a friend in Dolores Hildago, Guanajuato. This estate is also farmed organically, has a similar soil profile and almost the same elevation.

 - They make wine naturally because, (in their own words), “The wine industry has forgotten how to respect and take care of our fields. Quantity has become more important than quality, little by little we started to pay less attention to the poison that industrial wine has nowadays. We want to change that. We want an unbound wine that honors its origin, the earth and the hands that make it. Our commitment will always be in balance with the earth and with creating an experience with each sip of wine. Respect must always come first: with the soil, the vines, and with the winemaking process. A good wine is made from the vineyard, the work we put into making wine should be equally as good. And finally, drinking wine shouldn’t have to be a huge deal. It should be something that makes you happy, something that is a part of a great moment, may it be a night at home with a glass of wine, a gathering with friends or a big celebration.”


Total production: 800 cases, 5 wines