2019 Nebbiolo - Duoma

Duoma Winery

- DuoMa was created in 2016 by husband and wife team Eliecer Arroyo and Carla Torres as a small oenological project focused on creating expressive and honest wines that reflect accurate varietal expression and the place they come from.

- Their philosophy is to create wines that reflect the purity of the grape without modification or alteration, To achieve this they focus on minimal intervention, applying modern oenological techniques and manual procedures. When at all possible they chose to use their hands in the winemaking process knowing that by doing so the quality of their wines will be enhanced…two hands that become an element of the wine.

- A small winery that does not yet own it's own vineyards, Duoma sources from a number of organically farmed vineyards sites in the Valleys of Guadalupe, Ojos Negros, Santo Tomas and San Vicente.

- The name Duoma is a combination of the Spanish words for two "dos", and hand "mano" and symbolizes the fact that two sets of hands came together to make these wines.

- The elegance of their concept is summarized in the feeling readily apparent in the presence of this couple and this, in combination with their penchant for simplicity and innovation, is captured by the Quonset hut structure of their winery located on a hill in the center of Valle de Guadalupe.

- native yeasts, low sulfites, minimal intervention, and use of hands as much in the process of making the wines are components that breathe life into these delightfully refreshing wines.


Total production: 6 wines, 800 cases

2019 Nebbiolo - Duoma

  • Tasting Notes and Drinking Window:

    A needle in a haystack! Want to taste what Nebbiolo from Mexico tastes like in its pure naked form? This may be your only chance as it is currently the only Nebbiolo from this region that's fermented and aged in vessels made of the neutral material of stainless steel. The bright fresh drinkable, (crushable!) nature of this wine might leave you wondering why the consensus from other producers in the region is to pair the already robust nature of this wine with the intensity brought on by aging it in barrels. While there’s certainly a place for both styles, we recommend buying this one now and drinking it immediately while you wait for your other iterations of Nebbiolo reach their peak levels of maturity in your cellars.

    240 cases made

    Drinking window: Now - 5 years

  • Vintage:


  • Blend:

    100% Nebbiolo

  • Producer:


  • Winemakers:

    Eliecer Arroyo and Carla Torres

  • Vineyards:

    Grapes are sourced from a small family owned vineyard in Valle de San Vicente. Vines were planted in 1980 in sandy soils at an elevation of 900 ft. 

  • Aging:

    After a harvest on October 19th the grapes were destemmed and pressed and the juice was fermented on the skins for 15 days in stainless steel tanks. As with all of Duoma's wines, the fermentation started spontaneously on ambient yeasts in the winery. 
    After fermentation the wine aged for an additional 6 months in stainless steel. 

    Suflites: 35 ppm

  • Farming:


  • Alcohol: