2016 Extra Brut Rosé - Vena Cava

The Vena Cava Estate

- Vena Cava is a boutique winery founded in 2005 by Phil and Eileen Gregory under the principles of passion and quality over quantity. While they didn’t start with the intention of making “natural” wines, the more they learned the more this seemed the only interesting route forward. Today they are among the standouts of wineries in Mexico that are making exceptional wines in a “natural” style. While the estate makes wines that are strictly natural and others that are organic and noninterventionist (yet still apply some conventional techniques), we offer only their purely natural wines.

- All Vena Cava wines that have “Natural” as part of the name are made with organic grapes, fermented with native yeast, see no corrections, fining or additives and are bottled unfiltered with only a minimal amount of sulfites.

- While Vena Cava has its own estate vineyards, they have focused their business model on creating deep relationships with the best growers and the best vineyard sites such that, today, only 10% of their wines come from their estate owned grapes.

Vineyard locations, elevations and grape varieties –

- In addition to their 9.8 acres of estate vineyards located next to the winery in Valle de Guadalupe, they source their grapes from a number of select sites in Valle de Ojos Negros, Valle de San Vicente and Valle de Santo Tomás. All are organically farmed.


Total production: 10 regular wines and 10 “experimental” wines that change occasionally from vintage to vintage, 1,200 cases


2016 Extra Brut Rosé - Vena Cava

  • Tasting Notes and Drinking Window:

    A delightful sparkling rosé made by method champenoise that was aged 5 years on the lees before disgorging and received zero dosage so it is bone dry, crisp and refreshing. Simply put, this is one of the references for sparkling wines by the traditional French method in Mexico.

    375 cases made

    Drinking window: Upon release - 12 years

  • Vintage:


  • Blend:

    83% Barbera, 6.5% Chardonnay, 6% Sauvignon Blanc, 3% Chenin Blanc, 1.5% Viognier

  • Producer:

    Vena Cava 

  • Winemaker:

    Phil Gregory - British, lives in Mexico

  • Vineyards:

    Valle de San Vicente  - vines have an average age of 21 years in a vineyard site of 10 hectares. Soil is rich in clay and lies at an elevation of 600 ft. 

  • Winemaking:

    Grapes were harvested in late August and the white grapes were co-fermented while the Barbera was left to ferment by in isolation, both native yeast for a period of 3 weeks. Once primary fermentation was complete, the fermentation batches are blended and the wine bottled with a dose of sugar and yeast to initiate a second fermentation in the bottle. Each bottle is hand riddled for 8 months before they begin disgorging. They only disgorge a small amount of bottles every other month and this batch was not disgorged for 5 years. Wine is not filtered. 

    Sulfites: No sulfites were added at any point during this process. 

  • Farming:

    Organic, sustainable

  • Alcohol: